“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”  – Albert Einstein.

Masters that Matter is a foundation that creates solutions for the challenges our society faces. Challenges that remain unsolved due to a lack of money, time and expertise. Many problems in our society are well known and recognised, but seem impossible to solve. For example:

  • an increase in obesity;
  • social vulnerability among older people;
  • the counterproductive growth of mobility;
  • problems around integration.

All these problems have a similar complexity including many stakeholders.

For each challenge a multidisciplinary team is assigned, consisting of ‘Young dogs’, ‘Wise owls’ and ‘the odd-one out’.  By uniting their theoretical knowledge, practical experience and creative thinking, they focus on solving a particular challenge, which, we want to believe, eventually contributes to sustainability and well-being. In an intensive trajectory of six to eight months, they develop solutions that seemed unimaginable before.